The products of ProCeres can be applied to several animal species.


It is often necessary to wean piglets early as this is beneficial to the sow. The enzyme system of young piglets (3-6 weeks) at weaning is still orientated towards sow milk with lactose as a carbohydrate source. Therefore, with early weaning, it is necessary to replace the sow milk with an easily digestible feedstuf.

Feed which is not digested in the stomach is broken down in the large intestine by intestinal bacteria which can quickly lead to diarrhoea and contamination by E.coli.

Good digestibility can be achieved the inclusion of gelatinised starch. Also, older piglets benefit by feeding a part of the cereal starch fed as gelatinised starch.


Young piglets 20-30% gelatinised cereals

(up to 1 week after weaning) (depending on the age at weaning)

Older piglets 10-20% gelatinised cereals

Diary cattle

Easily digestible carbohydrates are also recommended in the feed of diary cattle who suffer from acetonaemy. By feeding gelatinised cereals, the production of propionic acid in the rumen is stimulated which results into a higher blood glucose content.

This can be achieved by a special anti-acetoneamy feed which should contain a minimum of 60-80% gelatinised cereal.


Research by the Dutch CLO-Institute found that the inclusion of gelatinised maize stimulates the development of the rumen. In the rumen of the animals which were fed with gelatinised cereals the concentration of propion acids increased.

Propionic acid releases more energy compared with other rumen acids, like acetic acid or butyric acid.

Gelatinised maize also improves the palatability which results in a better feed intake.

Due to the gelatinised maize, the point at which a calf will eat 1 kg of compound feed per day (and hence can be weaned) will be earlier achieved.

Recommendation :

10-20% gelatinised cereals


Research at the University of Bonn found that maize starch and gelatinised cereals, unlike non-processed cereals, are a usefull component in fish feed, particulary for trout, salmon and eel.

Recommendation :

Only gelatinised cereals

Cats and dogs

Cats and dogs have a short alimentary canal. For a good digestion it is recommended to feed easliy digestible feedstuffs. A high amount of feed which cannot be digested will lead to intestine disorder and poor faeces.

Therefore, gelatinised cereals are a very suitable component in cat and dog feed.

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