ProCeres manufactures three high-value, treated, grain products under the names ProCorn, ProWheat and ProBarley. These are gelatinised corn and wheat, products which form the basis for a large number of animal feeds. A given level of nutritional value and digestibility are important for all these animal feed suppliers and both aspects are achieved by gelatinising the grain in a precise way.

Gelatinisation is carried out using a special machine which exposes the grain to an ideal mix of heat, humidity and pressure. In this way the grain maintains its optimal nutritional value and hydrolysis of the starch is prevented. The quality of the processed grain is continuously checked using the amyloglucoside method. ProCeres also has several quality control systems in place, such as GMP, Trustfeed and QS.

ProCorn, ProWheat and ProBarley are delivered in bulk but can also be packed in big bags upon request.

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